Bath Half Marathon, 12th March 2017


Welcome to RCF ROTARY for the Bath Half Marathon

Hurry now closing date for entries Thursday 2nd February !!!

2017 will be the 100th anniversary of The Rotary Foundation. To celebrate and to raise funds for the flagship Rotary charity Rotary District 1200 are organising TEAM Rotary to take part in the Vitality Bath Half Marathon on Sunday 12th March 2017.

Being a charity you are able to become a member of TEAM Rotary and enter the event through RCF Rotary at a reduced entry fee of £20. However you have to pledge to raise funds for The Rotary Foundation through RCF. Details of the pledges are set out below.

All the funds raised are collected together by Rotary Charity Fundraisers [RCF] before being presented to The Rotary Foundation on behalf of Rotary District 1200.

FREE Entry* available through the Gold fundraising pledge.

* Entry fee refunded when Gold pledge reached

The RCF Rotary charity entry procedure:

  1. First - you need to register with Rotary Charity Fundraisers as an individual User;
  2. Second - you need to register with RCF to become an active fundraiser for the Vitality Bath Half Marathon;
  3. Third - having completed steps 1 & 2 you are then able to enter the event as a TEAM Rotary charity entrant.

RCF Rotary entry types:

When you register for the event you can select to do so as an:

  1. An individual [Rotarian or non-Rotarian]
  2. An individual with a pre-selected Rotary district affinity
  3. An individual with pre-selected Rotary district and Rotary club affinities

RCF Rotary charity pledges:

When you register for the event with RCF you need to make a fundraising pledge:

BASIC Pledge of £250:

GOLD Pledge of £450:

  • FREE Entry [refund of entry fee]
  • FREE Fundraising Pack
  • FREE TEAM Rotary Running Vest

The fundraising cut-off point for this event is 31st May 2017. Any funds received after that date will go into the RCSCF general charity fund and will not be recorded against the individual Rotary Charity Fundraisers account.

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Rotary Charity Fundraisers & TEAM Rotary are trading names of Rotary Club of Sherborne Castles Fundraisers Limited

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