RCF ROTARY Bath Half Marathon

RCF TEAM Rotary Running Vest

Rotarians Stewart Cursley & Rachel Goodfellow in the TEAM Rotary Running Vest

All Rotary Charity Fundraisers will receive a TEAM Rotary running vest and a Fundraising Pack. The running vest has been specially designed in male and female versions and is manufactured in 100% moisture wicking material.

Rotarians Stewart Cursley & Rachel Goodfellow in the TEAM Rotary Running Vest (Back)

About our Rotary Charity Fundraisers photographed above

Rotarian Stewart Cursley - Governor Elect District 1200, Rotary Club of Wells

Rotarian Stewart CursleyA keen runner at school he returned to the sport this year. Whilst taking part in the Bath Half Marathon in March 2016 Stewart thought of the idea of using the event to raise funds for The Rotary Foundation in 2017 its centenary year. The idea caught on as did the idea of having 100 runners, one for each year.

District 1200 adopted the idea and came to Rotary Charity Fundraisers to organise TEAM Rotary so that a maximum amount of funds could be raised for The Rotary Foundation.

Rotarian Rachel Goodfellow - Member of the Rotary Club of Sherborne Castles

Rotarian Rachel GoodfellowRachel set up the charity Hidden Needs Trust in 2015 to support the four Opportunity Groups in Dorset and Somerset. She raised funds by organising a number of events across the two counties and by completing individual challenges.

In 2015 she ran 7 marathons in 7 days which raised approximately £10,000. This year she has just completed a staggering 26 marathons in 26 days. Early indications are that she has raised as much or even more than last year. She is currently planning more challenges for next year including a further run but with a HUGE difference !!!!