Becoming a Rotary Charity Fundraiser

Why should I become a Rotary Charity Fundraiser? That is often the first question asked. The answer is about a partnership.

Firstly there is the event itself. Most prodigious events have a limit on the number of entries they allow so a guaranteed place is the first thing we can offer a Rotary Charity Fundraiser in all our charity partner events.

Gail Tipper - Ironman 70.3 UK - June 2011Secondly many competitors relish the fact that they are challenging themselves to achieve a physically demanding goal. In doing so they wish to use their efforts as a platform to raise funds for a deserving cause(s) by asking others to sponsor them in tackling the event they have selected. Rotary Charity Fundraisers provides the service which links the event to the competitor and to the deserving cause(s).

Another unique feature of the partnership is that the individual fundraisers can nominate their 'special' charity to receive 50% of the gross funds they raise. All such 'special' charities have to be approved by Rotary Club of Sherborne Castles Fundraisers [RCSCF].

Being a national voluntary organisation with a pedigree of trust Rotary members organise and manage the Rotary Charity Fundraisers programme at events where fellow Rotarians actually assist in the running of the event itself. In this way the hundreds of voluntary man hours given ensures that the cost of the event is minimised whilst the amount given to the good cause(s) is maximised.

The third and vital ingredient is cost. Being a competitor is an expensive business. Not only is there the cost of all the training kit but there is also the cost of entering the event itself. Rotary Charity Fundraisers offer a package for each event that is tailored to maximise the amount that the deserving cause(s) receive whilst assisting the competitor to participate in the event itself.

This partnership enables competitors to enter events they might not otherwise be able to compete in or even gain a place in whilst at the same time the funds raised for deserving cause(s) are maximised under the umbrella of a trusted national voluntary organisation.

Derek Nevell - Weymouth Triathlon - June 2011Due to demand the Rotary Charity Fundraisers programme has been extended to cover individual entrant events and activities.

Here the individual entrant chooses the event or activity they wish to take part in and nominates the charity for which they wish to raise funds. As a precursor they need to contact us and let us know the what, how and when of their request. Rotary Charity Fundraisers will respond as quickly as possible to the request with their proposals for the individual entrant to consider.

The Terms and Conditions of individual entrant events and activities have to be fully agreed with Rotary Charity Fundraisers before the registration process is started.

Rotary Charity Fundraisers is a charitable programme operated and managed by Rotary Club of Sherborne Castles Fundraisers Limited, a charitable company limited by guarantee.

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