Approved Charities Guidelines

The following guidelines set out the general policies adopted by Rotary Club of Sherborne Castles Fundraisers Limited in respect of approved charities.

Approved Charities

  1. The list of RCSCF 'Approved Charities' is kept and maintained by RCSCF.
  2. If when inspected by a prospective Rotary Charity Fundraiser the charity they wish to nominate to raise funds for is not on the list of 'Approved Charities' they should send an approval request email to giving the full name of the charity they wish to nominate.
  3. RCSCF will undertake checks on the validity of the charity and whether it comes within the Principles of Rotary adopted by RCSCF. The decision of the Trustees of RCSCF in this matter shall be final.
  4. If approved the prospective Rotary Charity Fundraiser will be notified. The charity and its charity registration number will be added to the RCSCF list of 'Approved Charities'.
  5. All donation cheques to 'Approved Charities' will be issued by RCSCF. All such cheques will however be presented to the charity via a host Rotary club [RCF Host Club]. This can be (i) as part of the 'Charity Partner' arrangements for their event or activity (ii) at an event set up by a group of RCF Host Clubs (iii) by an individual RCF Host Club.
  6. Where there is no specific or obvious host Rotary club [RCF Host Club] the Rotary Club of Sherborne Castles will be act as the RCF Host Club.