Fundraising A to Z

The following are just a few of the ideas from 'The A-Z of Fundraising Ideas' which will be available online shortly.

These ideas together with the traditional sponsorship forms or store collections will help you to quickly reach your pledged target.

A is for Auction of Promises

People offer goods or services to be auctioned. Such as, cleaning the car, chauffeur for the day, decorating a room, giving a haircut, etc, etc.. Make sure you advertise in advance. Don't be too ambitious a lot of small promises will sell well. Make sure you get an auctioneer with a loud voice.

F is for Fill a Smartie Tube

Smartie tubes filled with coins - preferably £1 coins - get some and pass them out to your friends and family to fill you will be amazed at how much you can collect this way. One tube can be used many times. Do it over a fixed period and tip all the contents into a jar and then have a 'Guess the Number' contest.

O is for Odd Job Days

Lawn mowing, DIY jobs, carrying shopping, dog walking - the list is endless. Offer your services to your neighbours, to your friends, to your family, to your workmates ... no job too small. How

about dressing up as a superhero to be noticed!

P is for Pub Games Evening

Teams pay to enter. A wide variety of games nights can be arranged over a period of time. Split the winnings say 50/50 with the winning team. If you can arrange a competition with a large

number of teams it can be organised over a period of days with a championship final. Hold a raffle at the same time with donated prizes. Competitions could include darts, pool, skittles, dominoes, quizzes. Have fun prizes, also provide and charge for refreshments.

S is for Swear Box

Get your team mates or colleagues to put 50p or even a £1 fine in the box when they swear. This has the potential to raise a lot of money in a short time!!

Z is for Zany Events

The list of possibilities is endless ... you can be sponsored or people, workmates, friends or neighbours can pay to enter custard pie throwing, eating jelly with chop sticks, greatest number of marshmallows in a mouth at a time. How about wearing your pyjamas to work for the day! Be cheeky just ask.

If you think of any other brilliant ideas do tell us. We can incorporate them in our A-Z so that all the other Rotary Charity Fundraisers can benefit.

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