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Rotary Club of Wendover & District, District 1260


Visual Impairment Team BCC


Home Visit by Specialist


18 September 2013


Sandra Maizels - President RC Wendover & District

Kim Horne - Specialist Visual Impairment Team BCC

Claire Worland - Rotary Charity Fundraiser with Jacob and Emily.

Additional Info

The visual impairment team is a specialist teaching service of Buckinghamshire County Council for babies and children. This includes home visits to see the children. As a 'Good Cause' the fundraising benefited from Gift Aid by using Rotary Charity Fundraisers. A local RCF Host Club was able to present the donation on behalf of Rotary Charity Fundraisers to the visual impairment team with the Rotary Charity Fundraiser present.

RCSCF REF: 1000064

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