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Rotary Club of Langport & Somerton

RCF Host Clubs


Tour of Wessex 2013

RCF Host Club

Rotary Club of Langport & Somerton, District 1200


The Movement for Non-Mobile Children (Whizz-Kidz)


Aller, Somerset


14 December 2013


Rupert Cox - Immediate Past President RC Langport & Somerton

Tim Loosemore - Rotary Charity Fundraiser and Rotarian. Member of RC Langport & Somerton

Michele Evens - South West Fundraiser for Whizz-kidz

Eliza Perkins - Benificary of Whizz-kidz

Additional Info

Not all children in the UK benefit as Eliza has done. Over 70,000 children are waiting for the right wheelchair, a wheelchair that will mean they can get up to all the things that children like to do.

RCSCF REF: 1000066

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