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Rotary Club of Helston, District 1175


Fly Navy Heritage Trust Limited


RNAS Culdrose, Cornwall


7 October 2013


Mike Hales - President RC Helston

Mike Nixon - Chief Executive Fly Navy Heritage Trust

Captain Mark Garratt - Commanding Officer RNAS Culdrose

Commander Andrew Rose - Commander Sea King at RNAS Culdrose

Lieutenant Dave Anderson - Organiser Red Rats Team

plus members of the Red Rats Team and Squadron Personnel

Additional Info

Mike Nixon - Chief Executive FNHT said "The Fly Navy Heritage Trust is delighted to be a beneficiary of this tremendous adventure by a team of dedicated cyclists in some pretty appalling conditions. It was done in the best traditions of our Naval Aviation Heritage, commemorating the service of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. We will remember Red Rats 34 and 35"

RCSCF REF: 1000070

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