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Rotary Club of Yeo Vale

RCF Host Clubs


Powerman UK 2014

RCF Host Club

Rotary Club of Yeo Vale, District 1200


Farming And Countryside Education [FACE]


FACE Smallholding, Tintinhull, Somerset


30 June 2014


Nigel Young - President RC Yeo Vale

Paul Hillard - South West Organiser FACE

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Dennis Stevens - Assistant Governor Rotary District 1200

Peter Prager - Rotarian [H & S and CPO] RC Yeo Vale

Hermione - Resident

Angela Butcher - Rotarian [Membership] RC Yeo Vale

Arthur Manser - Australian Visitor

Bruce Bailey - Rotarian [club Powerman UK co-ordinator] RC Yeo Vale

Additional Info

The aim of FACE is to educate children and young people about food and farming in a sustainable countryside.

RCSCF REF: 1000150

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