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Great Charities ~ Great Packages

ROTARY the multi-charity fundraising option for all the
2016 IRONMAN® and IRONMAN® 70.3® events

Beehive Feed Station Team in ActionRotary Charity Fundraisers support a wide range of local, regional and national charities that come within FIVE great charity causes,

Children's Hospices
Life Education Centres
Cancer Charities - Air Ambulance
Services Charities

In addition all fundraisers have the opportunity to nominate their own special charity to receive a portion of the funds they raise. For further information see Other Charities on the charity causes page.

All Rotary Charity Fundraisers have a choice of three great packages when they register depending on the value of the pledge they wish to make. Full details of the packages for each event are set out on their respective event pages. All packages include a full refund* equal to the value of the event entry fee once the value of the pledge selected has been reached.

Rob Fletcher2013 Ironman UK - Cheque Presentation to Life EducationCatherine ElvidgeRobert Bacon

Rotary is a worldwide voluntary organisation with over 1.2m members in over 200 countries. There are over 55,000 members in 1,850 clubs that make up Rotary International in Great Britain & Ireland alone.

In 2015 some 650/700 Rotary volunteers helped with the marshalling and stewarding of the IRONMAN® events. This is a vital part of the Rotary charity partnership with IRONMAN®. For their part IRONMAN® guarantee places in the IRONMAN® and IRONMAN® 70.3® events for TEAM ROTARY charity fundraisers. Over the past 12 years Rotary Charity Fundraisers have raised nearly £950,000 for charities and good causes. Being a voluntary organisation and a registered charity Rotary is able to ensure a maximum amount of the funds raised, including Gift Aid, goes to the five Rotary/IRONMAN® UK charity causes and the Rotary Charity Fundraisers nominated charities.

Rotary and IRONMAN® have committed themselves, in a unique partnership with Rotary Charity Fundraisers, to help those less fortunate than ourselves by raising funds for charitable causes.

* payment by RCSCF

ROTARY - make a world of difference