RCF Interests

RCF Host Clubs - Cheque PresentationRCF Fundraisers - Ironman France 2013 - Ben KenneallyRCF Fundraisers - Ironman France 2013 - Ben KenneallyRCF Supporters - Ironman UK 2013 - Feed Station Team in Action


This section deals with all non-event Rotary Charity Fundraisers interests. These include the following:

  • RCF Photowall - Loads of photographs from multi-sources showing RCF's in action at many events. Are you on the Photowall? If you are not email us you favourite RCF photograph and we will post to the wall for you.
  • RCF Host Clubs - An outstanding collage of photographs and details of RCF Host Clubs presenting donations to the many charities and good causes selected by RCSCF and/or nominated by individual or teams of Rotary Charity Fundraisers. All set out in a multi-access format so that you are able to select by year, a RCF Host Club, an event or a charity or good cause.
  • RCF Fundraisers - This section is dedicated to Rotary Charity Fundraisers dealing with items of news, offers, contacts, fundraising assistance or other relevant information.
  • RCF Supporters - This section sets out the many facets of being a Rotary Charity Fundraisers supporter including making donations to an individual or team of Rotary Charity Fundraisers.
  • RCF Shop - A direct link to ROTARY SHOPPING.