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Fundraising for Rotary by Rotary

Bath Half - 12th March 2017Coming Soon

Each RCF Rotary event is different. To find out details you need to select the event and go to the section specifically for that event.

If you wish to participate in any of the RCF Rotary events you can with the assistance of Rotary Charity Fundraisers.

Any qualifying donations will attract Gift Aid when claimed.

Funds collected by Rotary Charity Fundraisers can be identified by the individual fundraiser, by an individual Rotary club and by an individual Rotary district if required.

Funds distributed can be presented to single or multiple charities or good causes.

Entry to RCF Rotary events is open to Rotarians and non-Rotarians. All funds raised however go to the charity or charities nominated by Rotary.

Rotary Charity Fundraisers has been established since 2003. It has distributed over 1m to charities and good causes through its unique partnerships with fundraisers and event organisers.

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