Rotary/Tour of Wessex Charity Causes 2014

The five principal causes jointly supported by Rotary and Tour of Wessex in connection with the 2014 Tour of Wessex Cyclosportive Standard or Medium three day and daily stages event are as follows.

See also below the special arrangements for the distribution of funds for the 2014 Breeze Rides.

1. Children's Hospices

"Helping Children with a life-limiting or life-threatening condition"

Across the West Country a number of children's hospices depend almost entirely on charitable donations. Rotary Charity Fundraisers ensures that each one is recognised and receives the maximum support possible. Amongst others these include the three children's hospices run by Children's Hospice South West in Barnstaple, Bristol and St Austell and Julia's House in Poole.

All support the children and their families, offering respite, relaxation, friendship, a sense of community and beyond that can share the 24 hour care of a very sick child and support the family in bereavement.

If you would prefer to raise funds for a specific Children's Hospice, please contact us.

2. Life Education Centres

"Helping Children Make Healthy Choices" - assisted by Rotary throughout the UK

Educating children about the effects and risks associated with the use of drugs alcohol and tobacco; contributing to life-skills and health education programmes, utilising models of best practice by working in partnership with schools and others in the community.

Life Education Centres is the largest charity of its kind building partnerships with primary schools and the community as a whole to support and promote best practice in health education.

Highly trained Educators work in specially designed mobile classrooms providing a stimulating learning environment, working with children from the age of 4 - 11 upwards in the belief that effective drug prevention education cannot be left until children reach adolescence.

Rotary and Tour of Wessex want to make a meaningful contribution to the continuing cost of providing this enlightened approach to teaching young children about healthy living.

3. Cancer Charities

All of us know of someone who has been afflicted by cancer in some form or other and needed treatment or care. To help the charities and causes of research and care we wish to support a great range of fantastic organisations. Our list includes:

  • CLIC Sargent (Cancer & Leukaemia in Children)
  • Cancer Research UK
  • Macmillan Cancer Support
  • Leukaemia Research Fund
  • Marie Curie Cancer Care

Help us to help them.

4. Air Ambulance

On average an emergency air ambulance takes off every 10 minutes in the UK, flying 365 days a year in daylight hours. Put another way, during every hour of every day 7 air ambulances are attending accidents and medical trauma. Air Ambulance is a voluntary emergency service and needs to fund spending of around £875,000 each week.

Help us to help them you never know when they may need to help you.

5. Services Charities

"Practical, direct support for our wounded"

The requirement for ample services charities has never been more evident than today. Injuries that in years gone by would have resulted in loss of life are now survivable. The need for long term medical and community care have never been more urgent and are there for all to see as the horrendous injuries and the steadfastness of the injured are displayed on our TV screens daily.

Our principal support goes to Help for Heroes who are dedicated to the support members of the Armed Forces who have recently been wounded in the service of their country.

However recognising that yesterday's injured will have many tomorrows we also support the charities that provide for their long term need including:

  • ABF the Soldiers Charity
  • RNRMC the Royal Navy & Royal Marines Charity
  • RAF Benevolent Fund
  • Royal British Legion
  • SSAFA the Soldier, Sailors, Airman and Families Association

Other Charities

Whilst the spread of our Rotary Charity Causes is wide some Rotary Charity Fundraisers wish to see their own 'special' charity receive funds from their endeavours. Each potential Rotary Charity Fundraiser can therefore check our list of approved charities when they register and nominate their special charity. If the charity they wish to support is not listed they should contact us.

These 'special charities' will receive 50% of the total raised by the Rotary Charity Fundraiser from Rotary Charity Fundraisers Ltd once all the accounts for the event have been completed. The total used in this calculation will include the gross amount of any Gift Aid applicable. Any costs will be deducted from the remaining half of the total raised.

Arrangements for the 2014 Breeze Rides

All charity options for the Breeze 2014 will be as set out above except the 'special charities' will receive 80% of the funds including the gross amount of any Gift Aid applicable. All costs will be deducted from the remaining portion of the funds raised.